Are you a small to medium sized business that’s struggling financially? Perhaps you’re frustrated or feel like you are stuck in your business and are looking for a way out? Or an established company who’s hit a brick wall in terms of growth?

With investment, support and experience from myself, you can turn your business around to realise better success and greater profit. I can add significant value to your business. I bring years of knowledge, just as much experience and plenty of entrepreneurial flair to transform businesses and even bring companies that are struggling financially back from the brink. With a proven track record and a long list of happy and profitable clients, i’ve been able to utilise my skills and my teams to help the businesses realise their great rewards.

For businesses that are struggling financially, it’s so easy to shut up shop for good. Yes, it may take a matter of hours and as little as £50 to £100 to dissolve your company under the simplest circumstances, but don’t be tempted to join the 328,000 UK businesses that fail every year. Being a profitable business and a successful entrepreneur is something worth fighting for, and that’s where i can help you…

Professional Investment

Professional  Investment

Mergers & Acquisitions

Professional  Investment

Turnaround & Restructuring

Professional  Investment

I can offer a number of business investment and turnaround services, which include but are not limited to:

Professional investment

A large part of growth in business is, investment, however if you have a black hole in your cash flow statement then experience is just as valuable as an investment. For businesses that are struggling financially this vital commodity may be in short supply but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for your company. As a professional business investor, i provide the funds and support you need to improve your company from within. Investment from me doesn’t mean completely handing over control of your business. i will also use the expertise from myself and my seasoned team of professionals.

Mergers and acquisitions

With vast expertise in mergers and acquisitions, i provide an essential route for business growth for companies big and small. For underperforming businesses in particular, a merger or acquisition courtesy of a business buyer like myself can lift a mountain of problems and even debt off your shoulders and give you a new out look on the future.

Turnaround and restructuring

Turning around your business is easier said than done. Finding the structure and strategy you need to beat the competition isn’t as simple as winning new customers, tax and business law is also a critical part of the equation, leave these out and you’re playing with the same set of cards as the rest in your industry.

If your business is struggling, help is available. My business turnaround, restructuring and management team and i ensures, you will get the best deal for your situation whilst benefitting from various performance improvements, tax efficiency, corporate structure and online marketing and traffic branding.

I can make things happen, performing a hands-on role that will get your business on track and put it back on the map once more.

Because of our focus and size, at any one time we can only work with a select few businesses to ensure personalised, consistent and high achiever results. To understand if your business is a fit, please contact one of our team here for a chat on a nothing ventured, nothing gained basis. Contact me here.

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