Businesses need help from time to time for a variety of reasons. Whilst as a business owner, you’ll want to steer clear of the faceless corporates that provide investment, getting support from a professional, private investor like me ensures you have access to the approachable, personalised turnaround and investment services you require during these difficult times.

I don’t promise that turning around your business will be easy, far from it. Whatever your circumstances, it’ll take hard work, financial investment, and the creation of a totally different structure, strategy and mind-set to transform your company for the better. The odds are stacked against us all in business, things don’t go well for countless SMEs across the country, but you don’t have to sit back and watch your business crumble into nothing.

I offer a diverse range of services to ensure you harness the tailor-made, innovative and business-specific help you need to succeed in your target market with your target audience. My services include but are not limited to:

Getting the investment you need as a struggling company isn’t easy. Traditional investors want to see masses of profit to part with a penny but with professional investment from a business buyer like me, you can get the help and we don’t look to charge you hefty upfront fees either. We look to align ourselves with your goals and only ask for equity in the business so we can both enjoy it’s success.

I see each and every business that approaches me as more than just profit. In fact, it make sense for me to only invest in and support businesses where i can make a difference, seeing each investment as an opportunity to work with exsisting owners and managementand execute the 100 day plan.

My professional Assets portfolio offers a who’s who of successful companies, with my proven track record for adding significant value to businesses speaks for itself.

As well as providing brighter thinking to improve businesses with investment, Stacy’s innovative and knowledgeable approach to mergers and acquisitions means companies serving all industries can get support when carving out the most appropriate, successful and profitable next step.

Reducing your business costs and overheads, increasing your market share, diversifying your product or service range, and obtaining the quality staff you need to grow your business is possible through an acquisition or merger. My help is designed to meet each organisation’s exact needs, whether you require management help or wish to use my expertise to bolster in-house resources.

When it comes to turnaround, many business owners have their blinkers on in regards to pinpointing the best step forward. As a business turnaround expert, i looks at every company he assists with a fresh pair of eyes. Calling on years of business development, turnaround and restructuring experience, i certainly qualified to provide the support your company needs to identify the problems holding your business back and implement the most appropriate solutions.

I do more than just diagnose problems and seek solutions. I take a proactive, practical approach to every business i intend to help, playing a hands-on part in stabilising cash flow, working closely with creditors, preparing forecasts and ultimately developing time tested turnaround plan that really works.

To find out more about how Stacy can help transform your business without the risk of insolvency or stigma of bankruptcy, please visit his contact page.


Whilst most struggling businesses liaise with insolvency practitioners to find a way forward in the face of mounting debt or cash flow problems, giving your company the chance it deserves provides a much smarter solution. It’s easy to think that insolvency is the only answer, but you do have a choice thanks to the business turnaround services delivered by me.

Business turnaround and restructuring specialists have experience and expertise identifying problems and finding the most suitable resolutions. As a turnaround expert, i provide the fresh pair of eyes that business managers, owners and shareholders may not have to solve the deep rooted issues that, to date, may have held a company back. These problems may have resulted in your business getting into financial strife, but regardless of your level of debt, ican guarantee to be able to help.

Recovery is one outcome i want for your business. I have rescued businesses from insolvency and saved the owners and shareholders behind the brands from bankruptcy, so why not see what i can do for you? Give me a call today for a chat on a nothing ventured nothing gained basis.

Getting to know your business is of course the first port of call. Every business is different, even those sharing the same market and targeting the same audiences, which makes a tailor-made turnaround plan essential.

The turnaround and restructuring process begins with a meeting with me. During this initial meeting, i will work to assess your situation, and start the ball rolling on a series of tests designed to successfully and accurately diagnose your needs. Unlike the corporate business buyers representing large investment companies, i provide an individual service from the outset, with a personal approach that gets to the core of your professional problems. No stone is left unturned during the assessment phase. my critical evaluation of your business, its current strategy, target market, competition, product or service range, organisation, operations and management will help you realise performance improvements across the board.

Once your business issues have been diagnosed, an action plan will be prepared and support given to implement it throughout your company.

Business turnaround is a team effort, and i will work closely with your companies team every step of the way to ensure success can be found. You have worked hard and probably sacrificed a lot to get your business to where it is today, so why give up now?

If you feel like you need help with your business, you’re in the right place. To arrange a meeting with Stacy or to find out more about the business turnaround services he provides, please contact him direct.